Foot Pressure Points

In Chinese Medicine theory, there are a number of pressure points on the feet. Properly massaging them can contribute an awful lot to health. Here we would like to give a brief introduction to the pressure points.
1. Yong Quan Xue (涌泉穴)

Pressing this point can build energy and refresh you. It can also treat conditions such as insomnia, high blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis and kidney disease.

2. Da Dun Xue (大敦穴)

Pressing this point can treat a number of conditions, such as dizziness, stomachaches and hernias.

3. Tai Chong Xue (太冲穴)

This point when pressed can help to treat liver disease, toothache, eye conditions, digestive system problems, respiratory diseases and reproductive system disorders.

4. Tai Bai Xue (太白穴)

This point is great for treating stomachaches, abdominal distension, vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery.

5. Tai Xi Xue (太溪穴)

This point can treat kidney disease, toothaches, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and arthritis.

6. Shen Mai Xue (申脉穴)

This point is fantastic for people suffering from anxiety as it can improve patience and reduce fear. It is also good for dealing with colds.

7. Qiu Xu Xue (丘墟穴)

This point can help to clear the mind, stabilize mood and help to deal with the aftermath of unfortunate events (mentally) as it helps to reduce mental stress.

8. Kun Lun Xue (昆仑穴)

This is a versatile pressure point. It can treat headache, lumbar pain, high blood pressure, eye diseases, intestinal issues and diarrhea.

9. Xing Jian Xue (行间穴)

This is a great point for treating eye diseases, leg cramps, liver disease and sinusitis.

10. Li Nei Ting Xue (里内庭穴)

Press this point if you’re suffering from urinary tract infections or food poisoning.

11. Xia Li Xue (下痢穴)

If you have diarrhea, press this point to help relieve your symptoms.

12. Zu Lin Qi Xue (足临泣)

This pressure point can help with lumbar pain, muscle cramps, eye conditions, apoplexy and psychoneurosis.

13. Gao Ya Xue Dian Xue (高压血点)

This is a fantastic pressure point for dealing with high blood pressure.

14. Di Er Li Dui Xue (第二厉兑)

This point can help if you have the hiccup, are nauseous or are suffering from a lack of appetite.
15. Di San Li Dui Xue (第三厉兑)

This pressure point, just above your middle toe is fantastic for treating heartburn. It can also help to control excessive burping.

16. A Ji Li Si Jian Xue(阿基里斯腱穴)

This is a fairly local point. If you’re suffering from heel pain, pressing this point just above the heel bone can help to relieve the pain and take away inflammation from the foot.